October meeting wrap-up

MFC member Mickey Wilson put on a fantastic demonstration on wood texturing in sheet metal today using a swage block, a texturing hammer and a 'knot punch'. The Iron in the Hat raffle included forged items and materials as well as a textured steel picture frame donated by Mickey and jewelry by Patricia Wynn. Several people stuck around for the green coal class where we made fire pokers and coal rakes. Several of these items were VERY well made, especially for beginners! The future looks bright for blacksmithing in Mississippi. Stay tuned for details for the November meeting and information regarding the annual MFC Christmas party which will be held again at Stan & Lyle's shop in Mendenhall, MS. 




September Meeting! This Saturday at 9 am

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 the MFC will meet at the MS Ag Museum at the McIntosh Blacksmith Shop for our monthly meeting at 9am. Stan Bryant has graciously offered to do a demo on tong-making. We will have the usual 'Iron in the hat' raffle as well as the Green Coal Class for those new to Blacksmithing and anyone who wants to get their hands dirty in the forges.


See y'all there!




August Meeting & MFC Elections recap

The August meeting was a great success, we had a really nice turnout with lots of new folks who came out to see what Mississippi Blacksmithing is all about. Jay & Cross Franklin put on a high quality demonstration on making a scrolled candle holder.  We also held the board member elections, new officers board members are as follows:


Michael Havens - MFC President

Angie Womack Chappell - MFC Vice President

Lyle Wynn - Treasurer

Derek Melton - Secretary/Webmaster

Dustin Julio Hearst - Member-at-large

Jonathan Blackwell - Member-at-large


Plans for a council fund-raising project were discussed, stay tuned for more details regarding this project. We hope to have a project where everyone can participate in some way to help raise funds for the MFC.

The Iron in the hat was a fun time as always with a lot of great materials, tools and even a striking anvil in the drawing. We are looking for ideas for a good demonstration for next month's meeting. If you have ideas or would like to demonstrate please let us know by sending an email to missforgecouncil@gmail.com or through the 'Contact Us' page here.

August MFC Meeting Details

Our next meeting will be held 9am Saturday August 19th at the MS Ag Museum Mcintosh Blacksmith shop. Jay and Cross Franklin of Blue Door Forge will be demonstrating how to make a scroll candle holder set. We will also be holding elections for officers and will have our traditional 'Iron in the Hat' raffle so make sure to bring something to put in and a few dollars to buy your tickets. After the demonstration and elections are completed we will have open forge time. A few members may also be bringing some items for sale for a 'mini tailgate' with anvils, hammers, tongs, forge burners, etc. for sale. Come on out, bring a friend who is interested in blacksmithing and have some fun.

No regular meeting for June - open forge time



There will be no regular 3rd Saturday meeting of the MFC this Saturday for June. However, Michael Havens will have the Blacksmith shop open for open-forge time. Come hang out and enjoy a day of forging and fellowship.


April Meeting Re-Cap & Upcoming MFC Conference

The April MFC meeting was a great success. Many crosses were forged after some great demonstrations on how to make the varying styles of the forged cross.  See some pics below from the meeting.

Please note, we are late getting this information to you but here ‘tis. The Mississippi Forge Council Annual Conference will be held at Stan & Lyle's shop in Mendenhall, MS. Memorial Day Weekend starting Thursday May 25 and 26. There will be hands-on classes with our featured demonstrators, Alan and Jeff Lee of Steephollow Forge in Bryan Texas. Check out their web site http://www.steepforge.com/ . These guys have a lot to offer. The classes, and the demonstrations, will be on the unique, easier to produce items like the mason jar handle, etc.  Some really cool stuff you will be able to learn and do yourself. We will have one day classes on the 25th and 26th and will be able to accommodate 10 participants on each day. The cost will be $75 for the day and this will include the material. You will need to bring your own tools if you have them, if not, let us know and we should be able to accommodate you. The actual conference will start Saturday the 27th with Alan and Jeff demonstrating all day. Sunday the 28th will be a laid back, informal meeting where we can spend time with the Alan and Jeff and even get in the forge to work through some techniques. This always a fun and informative day. Food will be available both days. We will have more information in the coming days and weeks. If possible, make plans to join us!



An Easter-themed April MFC meeting

This month's meeting for April 15 will be Easter-themed in that the demo will be about how to make the split cross. There will be an Iron in the Hat as usual and open forge time after the demo. Several MFC members are bringing crosses that they made to show, if you have a style of split cross you'd like to show please bring one! Meeting begins at 9am at the MS Ag museum in Jackson.

Batson Bladesmithing Symposium

Just a reminder, our neighboring Forge Council in Alabama is hosting the annual Batson Bladesmithing Symposium in Tannehill State Park this weekend April 7-9. If you're even REMOTELY interested in making knives, this is a must do event. Check this link for more information: http://www.alaforge.org/files/2017_BATSON_Blade_Symposium_Final2.pdf

Interested in a striking anvil?

MFC Member Dustin Julio Hearst has had a batch of very nice striking anvil plates made up. They're 2"x5"x12" mild steel blocks with 1"-11/16" hardy holes that have been expertly cut by a water jet. He will ship anywhere in the USA for $120 He has also offered to fabricate a stand for local MFC members for a total of 300$ for stand and anvil plate together. Check out his Facebook page for more info here.


March Meeting Notes

The March MFC meeting was a big success. MFC President Stan Bryant put on a demonstration on making farrier-style bolt tongs and there were a lot of new members that came to spend time in the forges. The Iron in the Hat was loaded with custom art items, useful materials, hammers, and the demo tongs. Several members spent time in the forges helping new members hammer on hot steel and after the meeting there were fireplace pokers, knives and other items being made. As mentioned today, the MFC is looking for people to demonstrate at the monthly meetings. Don’t be afraid to step up and show us YOUR method for doing something. Even if you think it’s simple, or unimportant it just might spark something in other members by seeing your method of forging. Also, if anyone has pictures or video from the meeting today please let us know via the contact page here on the website so that we can share them here. Next meeting is April 15. See you then!



March MFC Meeting this Saturday!

Don't forget! On Saturday March 18, 2017 Stan Bryant will be demonstrating how to make tongs at the next MS Forge Council Meeting at the McIntosh Blacksmith shop at the MS Ag Museum. This has been one of the most requested demos so come watch, bring a friend. Don't forget to bring items for iron in the hat! Meeting starts at 9 and following Stan's tong-making demo the forges will be open for anyone interested in trying their hand at blacksmithing.

About the Mississippi Forge Council

We are a non-profit, for education, organization dedicated to preserving and teaching traditional blacksmithing techniques as applied to decorative ironwork. Although our focus is primarily ironwork, our interests include metal work of all kinds. We have members skilled in working with copper, brass, stainless steel, Damascus steel, mokume, repousse’, chasing, scrimshaw, and patina applications. We make tools, knives, colonial ironwork, fountains, sculptures, jewelry, you name it.

As our members are interested, we bring in the best teachers we can find and we pass this along to others that are interested. All donations and dues go directly towards keeping our organization running and bringing in new teachers and demonstrators.

Join us as we preserve our history and our future.